• Develop LabVIEW PXI, CRIO, CDAQ, stand-alone instruments and custom hardware for Real-Time and FPGA PID, proof of concept, design validation, data acquisition, production and troubleshooting used from system to component level. 

  • Custom software, Fix and Upgrade legacy software, Drivers and Hardware.

  • Develop turnkey systems.

  • Build Wiring harness, Test and breakout boxes design and fabrication.


  • Instrument and sensor selection.

  • Projects include but not limited to

  • Defense & Aerospace

  • Developed R&D and production LabVIEW Real-Time, FPGA and PID systems using NI CRIO hardware for controlling hydraulic actuators, Load cell, pressure transducers, motor control actuators, relays and servos all included excitation and response for various sensors.

  • Antenna beam width tester (Ka & V Band) using a XY Gimbal for R&D and production.

  • Wiring diagrams, instrument selections, sensor selections, controller selection, and hooking it all up and getting it working.

  • Safe-n-Armed system for production.

  • MMIC testers 30 to 60 GHZ (VCO, LNA, Frequency doubler) for production.

  • Turnkey systems ATE system for production aviation oxygen systems.

  • Developed and upgraded production test and ATE systems for testing aircraft flight controls.


  • Designed and developed and upgraded ATE hardware and software used for production test medical devices and systems regulating, ventilators air flow and controlling steppers motors.
  • Designed and developed an ATE R&D test system to study distortion product otoacoustic emissions by outputting a list of frequency with phase cancellation with synchronized input for harmonics and phase measurement.

  • Designed and developed the software for an ATE system for IC burn in and test. ATE LabVIEW system used for fuel cells components for R&D and load cell manufacturing and test.


  • Judo pooling system.

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